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Order Fulfillment Monitoring in Agile Supply Chain by Software Agents

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Author Yee Ming Chen
ISSN 2222-9833
On Pages 19-23
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date April 01, 2011
Publishing Date April 01, 2011
Keywords agility, fuzzy inference, supply chain


Nowadays, in turbulent and violate global markets, agility has been considered as a fundamental characteristic of a supply chain needed for survival. Consequently Agile Supply Chain is considered as a dominant competitive advantage. However, so far a little effort has been made for order fulfillment monitoring an agile supply chain in recent years. Therefore, in this study a fuzzy approach has been developed based on software agentsí technique. Software agents that gather event-related information are one promising approach to monitor a large number of different order fulfillment autonomously. Fuzzy logic provides mechanisms for heuristic human-like evaluated of these data. An agent-based concept is introduced that includes autonomous software for monitoring orders on the one hand and fuzzy logic mechanisms for analyzing order data on the other hand. A prototype implementation illustrates this concept. Results of evaluation experiments using this prototype system are presented.  

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