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Optimizing the search operation in P2P networks

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Author Diana Chinces, Florian Mircea Boian
ISSN 2222-9833
On Pages 24-27
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date April 01, 2011
Publishing Date April 01, 2011


As computer and internet usage grows from one day to another and there is the need for information and obtaining it as quickly as possible, the biggest issue is finding a specific resource efficiently. This paper presents the current status of P2P architectures, presenting their search mechanisms, and provides a simple, accurate protocol for better implementing search in P2P networks, showing that this operationsí complexity can be reduced in matter of speed and use of resources. In the first section we will present classic P2P architecture. Section 2 describes Chord protocol and the last section will show a new protocol that can be used in P2P networks.  

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