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Software Architecture Performance Quality Model: Qualitative Approach

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Author Ishaya Gambo, Abimbola Soriyan, Philip Achimugu
ISSN 2222-9833
On Pages 28-33
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date April 01, 2011
Publishing Date April 01, 2011
Keywords Software Architecture, Quality Model, SASPUM, PASA, ATAM


As a communication vehicle among stakeholders, software architecture gives the entire view of the systemís major components, the behaviour of those components as visible to the rest of the system, and the ways in which these components interact and coordinate to achieve the systemís goal. The architecture determines the non-functional attributes of software systems that are built into quality models. In this paper we consider the performance attribute of a system. Most performance quality models have been developed and proved quantitatively. This paper approaches performance issues qualitatively using a proposed developed performance quality model called Software Architecture Scenario-Based Performance Quality Model (SASPUM). The validity of the model characterized into three categories: stimuli, architectural decisions, and responses, can be tested on any existing software architecture using the performance Assessment of Software Architecture (PASA) and the Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method (ATAM).  

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